Student Tracking – Gps Tracker + RFID +SOS , MT300S Student ID Card With Stunning Design

Happy to let you know that our Student ID card MT300S has been propelled offically following one year advancement. MT300S is a GPS Tracker , as well as a child telephone , with RFID 2.4G tag inside the ID card, it bolster school participation framework. The most finished arrangement in the market. by utilizing our ID card MT300s, you can interface school, guardians , instructor and students together , nearer…

MT 3000 MT30002 MT 30001

Hottest features:

  1. GPS Tracking
  2. Two way audio
  3. SOS
  4. Voice monitor
  5. School attendance( web&app)—NEW
  6. Check homework (web&app) — NEW
  7. Interaction with parents in the same class ( APP)—NEW
  8. Ask for leave ( app ) —NEW
  9. Check school news, articles…—NEW

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