Prominent API Examples

Prominent API Examples

ProgrammableWeb, a website that tracks more than 15,500 APIs, records Google Maps, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Amazon Product Advertising as a portion of the most well known APIs. The accompanying rundown contains a few case of well known APIs:

1. Google Maps API: Google Maps APIs gives designers a chance to install Google Maps on site pages utilizing a JavaScript or Flash interface. The Google Maps API is intended to deal with cell phones and desktop programs.

2. YouTube APIs: YouTube API: Google’s APIs gives engineers a chance to coordinate YouTube recordings and usefulness into sites or applications. YouTube APIs incorporate the YouTube Analytics API, YouTube Data API, YouTube Live Streaming API, YouTube Player APIs and others.

3. Flickr API: The Flickr API is utilized by designers to get to the Flick photograph sharing group information. The Flickr API comprises of an arrangement of callable techniques, and a few API endpoints.

4. Twitter APIs: Twitter offers two APIs. The REST API permits designers to get to center Twitter information and the Search API gives techniques to engineers to cooperate with Twitter Search and patterns information.

5. Amazon Product Advertising API: Amazon’s Product Advertising API gives engineers access to Amazon’s item determination and disclosure usefulness to publicize Amazon items to adapt a site.

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