What Live Reports Do You Get With Our Advanced Fuel Administration Framework?

You will get the following reports…

  • Time zone and Range of your decision you have to get report for
  • Fuel in Tank Before Re-filling
  • Fuel Volume Added
  • Total Fuel after Re-Filling
  • Fuel before Theft/administering action
  • Total Volume of Fuel Stolen/administered
  • Fuel after robbery/apportioning movement
  • Location of Fuel robbery/Re-filling/apportioning occasion
  • Driver/Asset administrator name, photograph and Bio-subtle elements
  • Time of Theft/administering or Tank re-filling
  • Number of robberies/Re-filling occasions and areas
  • Route history follow, Points of Interest (POI)or No-Go-Zone Visits/Exit Reports with live and itemized satellite Maps and diagrams
  • Asset Parking/Stop time and term
  • E-mail and SMS Fuel robbery and Re-filling Alerts and day by day, week by week and month to month Automaic E-mail Reports booking
  • Fuel spillage Alarms
  • Engine genuine Fuel utilization observing
  • Accurate Mileage for versatile Assets and Engine Hours for the instance of Machinery

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