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Kids Tracking

Kids Tracking

Child monitoring with GPS involves either a GPS Device with active data plan or with an active android device. GPSHUB uses the latter technique which is easy, economical and high in availability. The architecture is simple comparing to complex tracking. Devices ( phone ) send signals of exact location of kid and is direcly updatting to our servers. Parents on the other hand is connected either via Web Dashboard or by tracking dashboard will be in touch with the exact geo location of their child seamlessly. Tracking accuracy is optimized to get enough alerts at proper intervals and as per the conditions you set on your dashboards.

Benefits of Kids Tracking

Be with our Child, Even when far away

The GPS for children tracking can help parents find their kids immediately in case they wander away and go missing. Or worse, locate a child in the event a child is abducted.

Keep an eye on Accademics

Track children while on school, Out for home , Excursion , etc .

Forget about Kids Transport

TAs you might agree, being tracked is being supervised. With this live tracking drivers on seat will e vigillant and active for the reason they are being watched, even if you are not tracking at the moment. This way , GPSHUB will reduce maintenance cost in terms of money by avoiding hash driving , losses because of lagging and countless benefits across your benefirs , try gpshub right now .

Minimize Child missing

Being tracked means being monitored, minimize child missing with this simple implementation.

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