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A vehicle is being stolen in each 13 minutes in the city. According to Times of India . This shows an increase of 40% while comparing to last year. And the unfortunate fact is that only 4% is recovering.

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If you are serious on your car., Take it seriously and track your car whenever you are not inside.

How can I do this ?

Car safety systems and burglar alarms are toys for such thieves. These outdated buggy devices do nothing against, and if we were in a distance we can’t trace even if the electrics did its job.

GPS Tracking

Latest GPS tracking systems are much away from being sending simple co ordinates to server. They even can stop the vehicle from within the console and from mobile apps.


There are countless benefits while tracking using GPS. After implementation  Owners get an never done or known before level of access and control on his vehicles This will initiate all benefits of knowing where and how your assets.


Not all drivers are fare enough , Tracking your fleets will give you an exact picture where it’s located , and this will force your drivers to be fair for sure at least in future.

Theft Recovery

Stolen Vehicles can be traced easily if there is installed with a GPS. This make recovery easier than ever before.

Find Lowest Cost effective Routes

With regular tracking, all track records will be saved to server with in your account to refer. Referring routes One can easily identify the best route for a trip, and there by reduce operational costs in a notable style.

Increase Productivity

All the above plus additional features like ,  Fuel tank monitoring, Rash driving, etc will enable managers to manage fleets in the best productive way and can multiply productivity in no time



Here is few points to get a small picture how Tracking happen. ,

Live tracking


Geo fencing

Geo-fencing (geofencing) is a feature in a software program that uses the global positioning system (GPS) to define geographical boundaries. A geofence is a virtual barrier. This will alert when vehicle crooses the boundaries or enter into it


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