Areas Where GPS Tracking is applicable

Helping you find and Manage your Value Worldwide continuously

  • GPS Vehicle auspicious area and general Management
  • GPS Vehicle Fuel robbery Monitoring and administration
  • Speed , Bad Driving and Area/Road confinement administration
  • Programmed Driver Identification and administration
  • Driver enlistment, Ethical Training or supply for Organisations.
  • Legally binding Drivers Or Field Staff Management
  • Resource Access and Usage Policy Development and Staff consistency Training
  • Resource and Operators security Training
  • Stock Management Training and Policy development.
  • Open Transport Management
  • Transport Business Proposal Development
  • Robbery and Fraud Detection and Timely Management
  • Propelled GPS coordinated Fleet Security.
  • Transport Business Performance Analysis and System development.
  • Marine and Aviation Fleet, Fuel and group administration
  • Programmed Insurance and administration time administration
  • Programmed Asset enlist updates and administration
  • Automatic Remote Weight/Vehicle Loading/offloading ongoing Tracking
  • Overwhelming Duty Trucks and hardware Tire Pressure constant checking

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