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Android Multi Tracking

Android Multi Tracking

Using Android for your Assets, Fleets and Belongings tracking become easier.
Using GPSHUB services is just a matter of Installing Tracker app. Once installed App on your devices , please follow our online documentation to configure your devices with GPSHUB servers. This is a one time activity and after this you are ready for the go., Your devices will be your virtual tracking device to track and monitor belongings., This will eventually reduce operational cost and up time with easy switching between devices when device breakups

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Android Advantages

High Availability

Availability of Android Mobile phones are high while comparing to GPS Devices and set up time again is least when comparing both.

Easy Updations

Android Apps are easier in Updatation comparing to Tracking Devices Frameworks .

Easy Switching

When one device stopping working , its just another device with the same apps installed with configuration imported from old device , Your uptime is guaranteed.

High Accuracy

Acuracy of Android devices are higher comparing to many of the industry leading equipment.

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