Affordable Vehicle GPS Tracking with Monthly Subscription

Selecting the right provider & plan

GPS tracking is everywhere, When in to vehicle GPS Tracking , there are plenty providers in the market, Most of you might get messed up with offers around. How to pick the right device and provider for you ?. Let us see how these plans differ in terms of service and quality.

Before selecting a provider , you must be vigilant about their interface , credibility and support for various devices and protocols

Areas where GPS Tracking dominates

GPS Tracking is perfect For Parents Who Want To See If Their Teenagers Are Speeding Or Employers Who Want To See Where Their Employees Are Driving. It’s gets Signals From 24 Gps Satellites Orbiting The Earth. Likewise, its inward Computer Accurately Determines The Location Of Device Within 2.5 M and Records Data Every Sec.In addition, this little, Pocket-Sized Gps Device can be effectively covered up in or under auto.

Buying a device and configure is not enough in this arena, there must be a dedicated server environment to host your co ordinates with business intelligent reports. , Before selecting your GPS Campaign confirm Web based Features for the provider along with the supported devices and what all drill down reports they are offering.

GPS vehicle tracking monthly plan accompanies these advantages:

  • Access to the most recent and best maps out there for use with vehicle following
  • SMS for Alerts Per Device Per Month – Charges extra

Highlights :

  1. Live Tracking
  2. Course Replay
  3. Geo Fencing Alerts and Reports
  4. Undue Stoppage Alerts and Reports
  5. Over Speeding Alerts and Reports
  6. Access to Vehicle Location utilizing SMS
  7. Access to rich Point of Interest Content on SMS around your auto’s area

GPSHub  got flexible plans for all your GPS Needs


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